Love birds

The month dedicated to all the love birds who are holding roses and gifts to surprise their loved ones. At one side,the heart is pumped and receives back love and on the other side, one gets rejected and the roses fade away. It’s just like one coin with two side of stories, heart break andContinue reading “Love birds”

That person

Everyone is battling with their own story; some are trying to deal with the personal loss, some are trying to live their life once again, some are trying to move on after unsuccessful suicide attempts and some are trying to understand between the light and dark.  May be one person is dealing with everything atContinue reading “That person”

Dream Chaser

In the world where everyone chases for their dreams to be fulfilled and to make that imagination which is crafted in your mind to be painted real, there is someone somewhere who has been lost while chasing and running behind to fulfill their dreams . The powerful storm interrupts in the middle where every chaptersContinue reading “Dream Chaser”

Trust the process

We fall, we set, we get tired but do we get up everytime or just change the process after failing. The phases we are in are the process that we are set for achieving good or the practice to make us learn everyday. But the main irony is some clear the phases without looking backContinue reading “Trust the process”

Moment to cherish

Life is a beautiful journey where we  create a road by ourselves that we  desire to. A journey that takes us to walk to the up hill with all our strength and patience. While, on the other hand, sometimes we fail to reach our destination due to lack of determination and positive surrounding. Similarly inContinue reading “Moment to cherish”

Purpose of Time

When a situation occurs, everything around you stops for a moment except for the time. You cannot set the time to change the scenario. The main purpose of Time is to make you understand about the situation and learn from it rather than wait for the right time. There is always a right time ifContinue reading “Purpose of Time”


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