Perspective of life

Perspective of life At first let’s talk about personality. Personality is a thing that we develop by ourself, how we present to others or what other wanna see. Some people might have flaw in their personality but in real, they have a different side and its the impression they want to create. Your personality isContinue reading “Perspective of life”

Inside You

A whisper in your ear in the dark making you feel weak, trying to hallucinate you taking all your positive energy and changing that into negative energy. With that energy you wake up next morning and realize something unusual with your body. You start saying far away from the people and try to calm yourselfContinue reading “Inside You”

The presence of Light

The presence Light has different elucidation in everyone’s life. Some can say they are looking for happiness in life and want that darkness to be covered by light. But we human being always gaze after the bright light instead of being happy with that small glow which has better brightness than the  one we areContinue reading “The presence of Light”

Temporary Things

When we are set in this world, what matters the most is how you prioritise your things. Whether you hold the greediness inside, whether you have good personality or just let go things, all these matters because some things are temporary and focusing on temporary things lead to unwanted results.Today, where the world is leadingContinue reading “Temporary Things”

Love birds

The month dedicated to all the love birds who are holding roses and gifts to surprise their loved ones. At one side,the heart is pumped and receives back love and on the other side, one gets rejected and the roses fade away. It’s just like one coin with two side of stories, heart break andContinue reading “Love birds”

That person

Everyone is battling with their own story; some are trying to deal with the personal loss, some are trying to live their life once again, some are trying to move on after unsuccessful suicide attempts and some are trying to understand between the light and dark.  May be one person is dealing with everything atContinue reading “That person”


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