State of mind

Feelings that are inside you that is driven crazily with thoughts emotions but you are in the process to control it. One state of mind what they feel is always different from others some tries to express but it’s unheard by the world. The voices that tries to express emotions but ignored by the people. Crazy thoughts in mind trying to take over and expressed but at the end what people do is laugh on what they say and dominate the expressions and emotions. We live in a world were voices of truth and help are ignored by the people but funny thing is it’s never gonna change words that are express is only for few moment but sometimes the only thing that stands strong is word of emotions. Thoughts are sway away by the emotions and mind are driven by the words and thoughts. How would you explain the state of mind? I just smiled and said the emotions that are inside you but you try to sum up in whole to express and let the world see how powerful words can be.

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

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