Changes are often made for the betterment or to learn from the situation. How we see and what we see is the two illusion that has been created in our mind. Thoughts are the evolving process where our mind cannot decide. Just like the two sides of the coin, our heart also carries two side of emotions: one with some positivity and the other, connecting the road of negativity.

 In the current situation, the ‘TIME’ has played a bigger role in changing our daily routine. Before, we used to wait for weekends either to hang out with friends and/or loved ones or take a nap all day and wished the ‘TIME’ stayed for a longer period. It is surprising to see how we used to ask a little more time for everything we wanted to do and yet, complaining about it. We can win over the argument with anyone but not with the ‘TIME. The TIME is more powerful where we human beings are tested to cross the level with patience and bring change in our self to learn about the situation. The question is how long will we run the race, if we sit and understand the situation and deal with it?

 Our prayers have been heard when we complain about the situation and the changes. Now the ‘TIME’ is asking us to do things that has been left in the middle, follow the steps towards dream, bring the positivity inside you rather than negative energy. Positive energy is a flow that connects you to deal with the situation if you let the negativity inside you lose the battle with time. Look at the nature beauty outside: its healing with time, the birds are chirping, trees are growing, beauty is added in the greenery. Change of time is a period where nature beauty is asking to have a leap of faith inside and listen to the voice that comes from our heart and follow that until everything settles down in the same way.

When prayers are heard, utilize the amount of time before you say, ‘I need more time’, as it might not be the same again.  Change of time is a situation where everyone is put to realize that humanity needs to exist, nature belongings need to be respected, greediness inside us need to be turn into showering love. Maybe we all will survive this but surviving without any changes and realization raises a big question on our self for asking more time to make things better and do things we wanted to. Time is a wave right now, but you need to surf it to pass this wave.

3 am writer

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

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