Different Personality

In this world, we see and meet different personality of people. Most of us have met people with various personalities in our life and realized how one can be so fake, and some of us have been hurt because of their behaviour. 

Let’s start with few examples to further understand the personalities of people we meet. We meet some people regularly and end up with various questions in our head. Some of them act innocent, have innocent face, but, do we believe in their face quickly? It just a question mark because the way they show themselves in front of others is just to make others believe that they are innocent. Among them, some of them  may be actually innocent and the rest fall into category of hiding their actual personality just to please people. 

Let’s talk about other personality: This personality of people are the ones who act too cool in front of others and flaunt their rich lifestyle to others (in simple words, flaunt money of their parents and not of their hard work)  just to brag in front of people

Now, the other personality is the lost soul personality. Why lost soul? I called them lost soul because they hide their real face just to make others smile. They are lost in their own world, where they cry inside but they show happy faces in front of others. Such people do exist and I believe god created such soul because in the world full of fakeness, such people were created to make other people realize that the real people also do exist.

The various personalities of people in this world is either swanking off or faking just to take advantage and hurt them. Be someone’s happiness instead of showing fakeness.

3am writer

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

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