The Hallucination of you

Different emotions are attached with the word ‘Love’. In the word ‘Love’, there is a  hidden story; some are expressed and the other, unexpressed. How do you describe an unexpressed love?

You admire someone when you are around that person and your heart starts to beat fast, your hands start to shiver, but, the words don’t come out of your mouth.  Everything seems to be beautiful and perfect  when you are around that person or just thinking about them. You see beauty in every morning and the moment you open your eyes and you capture that face in front of your eyes, you wish to stare at that face and live in the moment. You start to wish that every single day you could sit beside that person and listen to their stories, gaze at the charming smile, think of holding their hand tight and make it mine. But, deep inside I hold down my feelings for you, when you laugh at silly jokes, your laughter vibrants me with positive energy, when you blink an eye, a dull day turns out to be an energetic one. Deep down, I start to dream about being yours forever. But, I am scared I will lose you forever if I express my feelings for you.

 Being forever yours is like adding a scoop of  icecream in the brownie to give more delightful taste, adding extra cheese in the pizza which refers to  turning dim light into bright one. At the night, I stare at the moon and I open the letter that I wrote for you. I imagine you and me looking at the moon together and slowly I read that letter for you that has my unexpressed feelings  hidden inside me. Slowly I start to whisper, saying, the day I saw you in the crowd, everything seemed to be invisible for me and you were the only visible person in the crowd. People were pushing each other to catch the bus but I was just looking at your smile for which I fell for, and we both took the bus together and even the crowd didn’t matter to us.

 It was a coincident that our destination was same. We looked at each other and smiled.Then, you offered me a cup of coffee and we both sat down. Even though there was no sugar in the coffee, but looking at you didn’t make me realize that. I never expressed my feelings to you when I should have. Every night, I imagine you in front of the moon, open the letter and read it and have more feelings towards you. They say it’s easy to say I love you but when your feelings are true, you respect that  before you express it because you are scared to lose it. I admire you every single day with my unexpressed love and feelings and wait for the night to express it to moon.

3 am writer 

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

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