Hope is such a strong word where one has faith in it and mostly relies on it. We live in a world where we have hope for better living and dreams and we hope if someone could truly live with the hope. There is always a time when someone has given you hope and it turned out to be a betrayal. People use this word casually but never live up with it. 

Let’s go with some examples: We live in a world where people say to you most of the time that they will be there for you in your bad times. They give you a hope but when you need that person the most, they come up with an excuse and you wished that they didn’t give you hope. In this busy world, people pretend to be good and they always wear a mask that you never realize. Sometimes it’s too late when you realize it. Living in a world where being someone’s priority list is most important either in a friendship or just to start new friendship. However, some people come to you with a good intention. When people leave a mark when they are gone, the flowers during their funeral looks fade and the same flowers look beautiful when people hold it and smell it. When you become someone’s friend one always comes with good deeds, just don’t ignore them. They just want your little time and not your fake hopes. We live in a world where the trend is to live with someone’s expectations just to be a part of it. You are just a puppet to them, when they want you, they will pretend to be good with you, they never come with true intentions. You just believe in their words, you find that word too sweet like a sugar, but remember sometimes salt also looks like a sugar. 

What is better than having no expectation from people, you become more happy than before, you can identify easily who is wearing mask and who will give you fake hope. In todays world, what satisfies people is going  up with trend in social media and living up with that lifestyle, but if someone asks your help, you just pretend to be busy by uploading a status. Hashtag is more popular in social media but in real, such Hashtag is never implemented.

Hope is a strong word if you can’t live with it just don’t pretend to use them. Some truly expects it, you need to learn how to live with it. If you give someone expectation, and you never live with it, just remember you too have a mask which you have not realized.

3am writer

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

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