Walls of Room – YOUR FRIEND

It’s quite amusing to think that the walls of your room know all your secrets and even if you wish , it will never disclose any secret of yours. Have you ever wondered sometimes that  the walls can be your only good friend who keep up your secrets, when you question yourself whether it is possible or not, the silence of the wall is your predictable answer. 

The walls that we decorate by hanging the beautiful memories, sometimes we paint our own imagination and sometimes we just let it be the way it is. The silent room and the corner of walls where we build up imagination, thoughts roll over the head, whether your life is going upside down, at both the moment we can see the silence and  it teaches us that at both the times sometimes being silent is the best reaction. 

Your silent prayers are heard by wall and sometime that prayers turn into reality. Lying down in the bed and staring at the wall where you can go back to the memory lane, remembering the good old days, you realize that your eyes are full of tears when you can see how things have changed with time. Some of your close ones are left behind and you realize how far you have come through. Some dreams have been fufilled, some are yet to be conquered, some are  in the middle with comma, but not yet full stop and some set out freely flying like a bird. 

All things are set in front of your eyes and maybe it’s for a change, to set you in the right position or the memory lane is asking you how far away you have come and your dream with comma needs a fresh start but not a pause. 

With all that memories projected on the wall you smile and say wish you could hold this time, wish you could go back and change things around. Slowly the position has changed and you start murmuring asking if the walls have listened to your every talks, anger, patience and yet you don’t know the answer.

3am writer 

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

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