Purpose of Time

When a situation occurs, everything around you stops for a moment except for the time. You cannot set the time to change the scenario. The main purpose of Time is to make you understand about the situation and learn from it rather than wait for the right time. There is always a right time if you can understand the value of time. But if you fail to understand it, every right time undoubtedly turns into a worrying situation. The time shapes you as a person you want to be, it makes you grow, it makes you sensible but the question arises,’Have you tried to shape yourself in a right person or just waited for the right time?’

 In this world, we can see different personality of people where, some understand the situation, some rely on changing the situation, some keep waiting for the right time and some just move on not looking back at the situation. It is upon us how we handle it, but sometimes we wish for  the time to change to make things happen in right way.But what if we do that in right manner instead of worrying about the thing that has already happened. When every situation occurs in life never question yourself saying why always me but turn that situation in a fruitful way.  We are in a planet where every hurdles need to crossed like we are crossing the river, there is no looking back.

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

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