Moment to cherish

Life is a beautiful journey where we  create a road by ourselves that we  desire to. A journey that takes us to walk to the up hill with all our strength and patience. While, on the other hand, sometimes we fail to reach our destination due to lack of determination and positive surrounding. Similarly in our life we achieve things when we prepare ourself with positivity and we fail if we take that things lightly. If we get stuck in the middle of destination its a sign that we are confused which road to choose. At that time, never make the decision instantly as that road never leads to the outcome that you desire. The only best thing you can do is seek for a advice and that will never disappoint you. In every step, there is a moment we cherish for a little happiness that comes from the effort we put into. Sometimes you learn that some decisions that you have taken have disappointed you and you need to learn from your mistake.

It is a matter of fact that life is a journey where you start with crawling, taking that  little baby steps to a walk with responsibilities. You cry, you fall, you get hurt, you scream but in the end we get up and  there is always a moment where we learn to be the person who we want to be. Every emotions have a story that sometime we hide in that happy face, sometime we show up by sharing to someone, sometimes we cry alone and sometimes we need a shoulder to cry on. A mixed emotions where every bit of it has a story to tell us that you should live your life to the fullest and rejoice it.Just like a rhyme :

Oh dear time, Just hold a bit,let me walk with you,

Let me learn how to crawl first, let me learn how to walk, let me live this moment for a while

Oh dear time, let me create a moment together where I can look back and let me laugh for sometime,

Oh dear time, life is a journey where every second you make me learn, in every minute you make me happy and in another minute you make me wipe off my tears,

Oh dear time Just hold a bit. 

3 am writer 

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

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