Trust the process

We fall, we set, we get tired but do we get up everytime or just change the process after failing. The phases we are in are the process that we are set for achieving good or the practice to make us learn everyday. But the main irony is some clear the phases without looking back and some set back with obstacles. In the end all it matter is how much we have learnt from the set back to change the process. Why we should trust the process? To climb the mountains uphill how we lay down the process to reach the top, make ourselves calm and relax settle with all the plan that we implement to. In every day life we are set in the phases sometime we enjoy the entire process of getting built and on the other side we lack the patience level. The nature of human being sometimes lack the level of patience to understand the important situation and want everything to settle down without any effort. But imagine how does that work would be without any effort how long that would last or even that situation.
To believe in the dreams that we visualise it is lay down in the steps only thing which is important in that is to believe in the process our plan might fail, our hopes might be shattered but the implementation never fails. Let the nature of giving up in every fail turn out to be our strength instead, let the hope that got shattered while we implement turn out to be our dream one day,let the tears turn out out to be our happiness one day, let the pain we suffer while we are in the stage of getting to the top be our strength everyday, let our every silence are heard in prayers,let every phases that we are put through make us the believer not the looser.
3am writer

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

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