From Moment to Memories

Love is a beautiful word with lot of emotions connected to it.  It could start with an unexpressed feeling to  an expressed one, where every special moment  is captured in your mind. Every whisper or word seem like you are flying in the sky and every single moment seem  like there is no other person around you. How beautifully it starts!  Just like the fresh roses  plucked in from the garden which remain fresh for days until it fades away with the colour leaving it dry.  This is how it feels to love and be loved. May be it is for a while, but the emotions that trigger you every single second looks everything is falling apart. Is it possible to hold on and not let it go? How time changes everything where only the letting go is the option.Where the moment that had been created and the time spent with eachother becomes  a memory. Every single day in this world, there are thousands of people who run away from love, thinking about the pain of heartbreak, or not finding the right person, even though it was the right time. How cruel the time becomes, when one moves on and other strugglesto let go of the memories of eachother. Sometime it’s all about “For a moment when I saw you, even the unexpressed love turned out to be the expressed,

Every single day there was a Ray of sunshine with the Ray of hope,

Even the tears were wiped by your hands,

When there was emotional breakdown you hold my hand telling everything will be fine,

When I was stuck in problems you showedme way,

Now tears roll down and  only the memories of us flow down in my mind.

I look at the window when my mind gets puzzled with things, for a time I smile but my eyes wait for you to laugh even harder,”

When there is a problem, I wait for you to say,” calm down”,  but again I realise that will never be possible.

How beautiful the world  would be, if the word Love was  used wisely instead of giving memories and pain.  wish there was memories of being together forever.

How beautiful it would be, if there was always a right time and right person instead of right time and wrong person.

How beautiful it would be, if we could hold memories forever without pain and sorrow.

How beautiful the world would be…..

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

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