Dream Chaser

In the world where everyone chases for their dreams to be fulfilled and to make that imagination which is crafted in your mind to be painted real, there is someone somewhere who has been lost while chasing and running behind to fulfill their dreams . The powerful storm interrupts in the middle where every chapters were to be inked with happiness and is left blank with a dot due to the storm.
The dot is like a jumbled puzzle where the directions are pointed out everywhere like an engraved title. The mind keeps on thinking to fill that dot and make the start the way it was articulated. It’s easy to say but the lost point in the path makes every person weaker and some people try to guide but for their own benefit. It’s a miracle to find someone in this world, who will guide you by not having malignity in their guidance.
To fill the blank page again, with all that confusion in the mind, thinking how easy it would be even after falling down so many times getting up and being stronger to convince but somewhere in this point, your heart is dwelled by being indestructible and in search for happiness in even in small things.
The fact of life is that every single day we are chasing for something big, different, but we don’t know whether it will be fulfilled or its just our self satisfaction.
The morning sunshine and the way we get ready for our daily routine is all the
Stress, Anger, Disappointment, Happiness that can be seen in our face from the time we get up till night,
Happiness on the way back home but don’t wanna discuss how the day went, warm dinner on the plate and that smile one the face, sitting down for a minute recalling how the day went, noting it down and changing it for tomorrow,
With all that, ending the night with a good night and letting that circle go round and round until we try to change it the way we want.
When that circle is changed the way we want that’s when the dot is filled with all the happiness in every pages of our life.

3am writer

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

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