That person

Everyone is battling with their own story; some are trying to deal with the personal loss, some are trying to live their life once again, some are trying to move on after unsuccessful suicide attempts and some are trying to understand between the light and dark. 

May be one person is dealing with everything at once and trying to be part of a circle where there is happiness, fake smile on faces , hidden tears, heavy hearts and confused minds. Maybe that person has never seen the light like that before after being in a dark for a long time, maybe that person has never seen the crowd and the gathering of people.The mind is  trying hard  to settle down but it’s too late when you don’t wanna see the light again. The darkness is only your friend where you have consoled yourself to be the part of it. A long battle and mystified mind finding the route again. 

We run behind everything to make it perfect, dream about big things. But, we are dwelled in the chaos of our own mind. How different would it be if there was someone who could listen for a while, someone who could suggest you and you would not land back in the dark. 

But, in this world,  there are thousands of people in that circle who is crying inside and want someone to say ‘Just Share It’.  Let’s listen to them  and save someone from falling in the dark.

3am writer 

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

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