Love birds

The month dedicated to all the love birds who are holding roses and gifts to surprise their loved ones. At one side,the heart is pumped and receives back love and on the other side, one gets rejected and the roses fade away. It’s just like one coin with two side of stories, heart break and shower of love. 

How would you fill the void in your heart that was left with the faded roses in the ground? How beautiful it would have been if the roses were grasped with love and not rejected? And then you may think, Oh dear is it the time or just an attraction that made my heart melt within a second like the ice in the summer. I couldn’t take my eyes off from you. Thinking about holding your hands together, walking in the empty streets with you! That smile took my breath away for a moment making my mind to be with you holding your favourite flowers with that aromatic smell on the valentines day. 

Counting days but never thought it would be the roses without any fragrance and heart without any heart beat, smile into tears, happy face into the pain, walking in the crowd with broken heart. Looking at the streets with all the lovers who have a smile to be with the loved ones, places with all the red balloons dedicating to be loved even if its a empty heart.

A moment where you wish to hold hand playing the soothing music beside asking to dance along and feel the depth of the music, drowning deep in the eyes, holding future aside, yet the imagination cannot be painted real. Oh dear, I just saw a crowd holding hands and dancing along into the favorite track of yours, I could see you in that crowd enjoying your ideal track and dancing on your own like there is no one beside. By watching all the crowd, I smiled at the end thinking about the love and memories we created that played like a short movie in my head.

3 am writer

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

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