Little Effort is All we need

I  see the birds chirping,

 I  see the nature glowing,

I  feel the breeze of wind passing by a face,

I pause for a while, and take a deep breath to feel the fresh air and smell the nature beauty and I find my peace towards the mind and soul. 

Let’s question ourselves with all the daily crowd , pollution, noise, big buildings everyday.Isn’t it better to escape everything for a while and feel the atmosphere where you connect to and explore the nature beauty.

 Sometimes we human being forget that apart from our daily routine, there is always a life under that light that needs to be traversed. No one can guarantee how long we will be in this planet. Within  a second we can see someone’s death and feel the happy moment turn into sad. Within a second we can see the celebration of someone’s success. Who knows what is stored in every second and minutes that convert into hour? Today we are here chasing our dreams, working hard to score good marks, putting our soul into the project that was the dream, spending time with our loved ones, fulfilling our parents dream and one day we will be remembered as a good or bad person when we are gone. 

We run behind everything but we forget to smile, our hearts are heavy sometimes but we hesitate to share, we are trapped by societal pressure but we put that fake smile. For a minute let’s sit down and think how happy you are and ask to yourself: ‘Do I need to escape for a while’?, ‘Do I need to change my track?’, ‘Do I need to push myself to achieve what I desire’?

 Sometimes a minute can make a difference either you make it or chase it. When we leave this world, people are going to remember your good work and how good you were to others. You are not going to take your valuable things so let’s not pose that much attitude, let’s not act so fake. One day even that greediness is going to fail in front of the death. It’s all about a little effort to change your own perception. 

3 am writer 

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

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