The Battle of your own.

In the process of chasing, we sometimes lose the happiness of our own. We were so busy in shaping that into reality, somehow, we didn’t realize  there is a life outside that. Only if we would have known there was no reset button would we stop for a moment? In the middle of night, surrounded by darkness all alone you start to feel lonely inside with the built up pressure from everywhere. You don’t know whether you are in the right direction or not somehow you forget to smile but keep that fake smile everytime. How crazy is this world where everyone is focused and dedicated towards their goal, but the way its layered makes us doubt everytime. Every single day we see happy faces but we know that some are crying inside and some are expressing it. Sometime you see the ones who are carrying the Happy faces with heavy heart are the strongest as everyday they are living up to someone’s expectations and when they are all alone they express their feelings. 

All we should know is that depression is not a joke, it can happen to anyone at any stage. Some are battling it, some are giving up, some are standing out. It hits at the stage when you feel everything is fine but from inside the voices are showing you a way, you are happy and sad at the same time, you start wondering and when no one is around, you start to cry. It’s okay not to be okay but it’s not okay to give up. You see when someone is succeeding the other one is struggling, when someone is attending a marriage, the other one is attending a funeral, when someone is celebrating success, the other one is handling the failure, when someone has food on the table, the other one is filling the stomach with a water.

So you see, some are lucky enough to get everything and some are working hard enough to be able to get that. With all this in one day there is always a two scenario that’s playing but we will have no idea about the other one.

3am writer

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

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