The Earth and The Humans

When human  beings were created on earth, it was not meant to be permanent. We were sent for temporary time and no one knows when is the last we breathe. There is a growing process where we fall, we set and we run and also we stop. Today nature is more strong than we can even realise because nature is a permanent creature so it has the power to destroy human beings.

 When we cut trees, we don’t realise it would set back, we build homes and we don’t realise nature can destroy that as well. Big buildings are constructed by destroying nature but, one day the mishap occurs. What if we change our mindset and show same amount of love  to the ones who has forgotten what sleep is, what it’s like to be home, what it’s like to relax for a moment-to the real superheroes,the front line worker.

 Human beings are always set in this earth for a reason not to destroy something whose force is more powerful. Today people have realised, trees are set for a reason, real gods are the ones who is working hard to save the life.Today the real investors are all the entrepreneurs to come over with the crisis. Let’s together uplift them and show them the right path to achieve more.

Let’s all realise that everything is temporary but at the same time let’s not forget that humanity comes first and its always the greatest gift. 

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

One thought on “The Earth and The Humans

  1. We are finally getting it! No matter what we build, no matter how strong, it is weak next to Mother Nature. And she is pissed and will get even. Don’t believe me? Look out your window! Read the news!


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