The presence of Light

The presence

Light has different elucidation in everyone’s life. Some can say they are looking for happiness in life and want that darkness to be covered by light. But we human being always gaze after the bright light instead of being happy with that small glow which has better brightness than the  one we are in search of. Light is always the guidance towards our path, however, if we see the street lights at night, it’s not that bright. In spite of that, it guides our way back home. Let’s take that street light as a bright light which has always brought brightness. Sometimes instead of seeking happiness we need to look around the light which is  always beside us. Paths may be different, yet, the destined road are same which is ‘Happiness’. Happiness is the one thing that everyone craves for no matter on what form it may be.Darkness in life is never permanent. It comes to our life to make us more stronger and to tell us not to look after the same exit. Sometimes, the exit poinst are puzzled as the  words. 

In the world where competition towards success is a race, be a competitor but be happy in small things. It gives you more happiness. As a human being, we often ignore the small happiness that is surrounded to us.Do we ever think about that? In daily life, the small happiness can be a bright morning where there is no any hurdle in the middle. Such things needs to be counted and imagine ourselves lucky enough to get that by the amount of hard work we do. When you are guided by the glow of light, the bright light shines to your path.

Dear Light, let’s shine bright tonight 

Let’s not be dull for a moment, 

Let that light guide me to my destined path, 

When it’s dark, I can feel the presence, 

Will that presence be forever? 

How can I forget the moment when you guided me when I was left in the dark, 

The invisible presence of you has always been a shining moment for me. 

Dear light, let that guidance of you make everyone’s path bright and peaceful. 

3 am writer 

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

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