Inside You

A whisper in your ear in the dark making you feel weak, trying to hallucinate you taking all your positive energy and changing that into negative energy. With that energy you wake up next morning and realize something unusual with your body. You start saying far away from the people and try to calm yourself inside the cupboard. A knock in the door but you ask them to leave, you ask yourself in the mirror, try to touch your face it was real and not a dream. A person who was extrovert slowly turns into introvert, spending days inside a room, forgetting what the outside world looks like, your friends invite you to their place but you have thousands excuses to make. 

A darker room is now your best friend, constant growing of negativity where you try to hurt yourself and end up in pain. Again there is a knock outside the door, you walk slowly to check if it is your best friend, a comfort hug to make you feel better.

Clouds in the morning didn’t look like usual,

Oh dear cloud, can you pause for a while so that I can see the beauty in you ?

Oh dear rain, can you swipe up the darker clouds and make the sun brighter ?

Oh dear light, can you stay for a while so that positive energy gets back into me?

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

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