What’s the real happiness?

When the word ‘happiness’ comes into your mind, what’s the first thing that tricks you and the instant word that comes out? Some people might say money, other might say travelling or freedom towards soul or seeing your parents happy when you succeed in life. All of the opinions are different from each other. But what is the exact happiness? I would say when your mind and body is connecting to the same thing where you can lead a life even there is no real outcome but the sense of joy in the mind is true blessing towards happiness. 

Sometimes we  think if we succeed in our life that’s the real happiness because there is money in it but what if we fail? But then again what if we think that whether I succeed or not the attempt towards it is real happiness because that’s the positivity. Sometimes money is not the  real happiness, it’s the temporary happiness that satisfies our soul and fulfills our needs, but the positive surrounding around you with the little amount of time to spend with loved ones counts rather then cutting them off. When you walk down the road, if you ask a poor person what will make them  happy, the person will reply food to fill their empty stomach and some warm clothes. So if you make that person happy at least for a day the blessings you will receive will  make you smile every day. 

If  you ask your parents what will make them happy? The instant reply would be if you ignore the phone all day and we family sit together for a day and enjoy the day where there was no phone. The real happiness is the self satisfaction, if you are not happy you can’t make others happy no matter how hard you try. Happiness starts with you, you need to look carefully which side to focus and which one to ignore.

Published by 3amwriteranima

Playing with words is what i do connecting it with emotions and expressing.

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